PLV was founded in 1989. Initially the company operated as a custom imaging engineering company working with all types of Tier1 automotive suppliers to improve quality in the manufacturing processes. During this time PLV also developed on-line and off-line measurement applications for automotive extruders.

Today we have evolved to become a quality measurement instrument manufacturer for all companies involved in using or manufacturing extruded profiles. Our most recognized product is the FS200 designed as an advanced yet affordable tool for measuring extruded profiles. The product has gained acceptance from window and door manufacturers and extruders as a reliable method to measure the cross sectional dimensions. New functionality has been added to this system in 2010 to compare colors. This is indicative of the PLV’s approach to new development by responding to new trends in its core market. PLV also provides advanced machine vision software to OEM’s for automated in- line production inspection and measurement.


Incorporated in 1989, PLV is celebrating over 25 years in business.  Since its inception PLV has developed on-line and off-line inspection systems. In 1994 PLV began a line of products suitable for the measurement of extruded profile shapes in both an on-line and off-line capacity. Currently the FS200 Scanning Profile Measurement System is our most popular offering serving both extruders and Window and Door manufacturers with state of the art cross sectional measurements, and color comparison of extruded profiles. We have also developed specialized machine vision software platforms for our OEM automation and machine builders with highly accurate and repeatable non-contact measurement systems used in automotive manufacturing.

Going Forward:

PLV is developing new and improved version of our existing products as well as introducing new technologies and functionality for our customer base. We strive to serve out customers with cost effective solutions to assist the manufacturing operations.